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The best teeth whitening treatment is now available!​​​​​​​

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our clinic offers the most up-to-date and safe cosmetic dentistry treatments. You may rest assured to get your confidence back with a whiter and brighter smile. Recent studies show that people who smile with confidence are perceived by others as successful, smarter, and friendlier.

Dental Implants

Don’t worry if you have missing or decaying teeth because you can safely replace them with dental implants. They are placed surgically by a periodontist in an appropriate part of the jawbone, look remarkably natural and can restore your smile

Treatments We Offer

Long Lasting Crowns

Our clinic is equipped with a last generation crown building machine, which provides long-lasting, metal-free, and highly aesthetic crowns. As long as the patient continues to make their cleaning and maintenance, the crowns have a three-year warranty.

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Teeth Whitening!

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A Fantastic New Smile:​​​​​​​

Your Smile Is Our Priority

​​​​​​​At New Image Dental Spa, you’ll get the best personalized and high-quality dental care you and your family deserve. Dr. Jenieviev Rocha and our staff are specialized in gentle dental treatments for patients of all ages. Stop by our Dental Clinic in Quezon City.

Our clinic offers treatments that include cosmetic dental care, exams and checkups, and emergency care. 

When you visit our dental clinic, our experienced team will perform a comprehensive assessment of your dental health. Take a look at our accomplishments:

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